A progressive software for managing and archiving medical files, photographs, and documents


Photofilex is the best choice for surgeons and specialists who deal with photographs and medical documents of the patients. Photofilex tools let one categorize and bundle the files of patients who frequently visit the doctor. Therefore, simply by some clicks, you will be able to find the patient's file including pre and post treatment photographs, during treatment pictures, treatment plan, radiology, blood tests, etc.

The software's ultra-simplicity and its efficiency are famous amongst surgeons and specialist doctors, particularly plastic surgeons.

The software keeps all the photographs and documents of the patients with a high security, and it will quickly and simply provide you with the data to use in treatment plan or the surgery, analysis, or even stimulation.





A software to stimulate, analysis, and consultation before and after the plastic surgery. 


Simusurge is a very powerful tool which serves as a relationship between the plastic surgeon and the patient. Exclusive tools employed in the program, could simply simulate a suitable operation on the patient's face or body.
Using the powerful software you can simply and with no worry, improve your surgery skills, together with analysis, measuring important criteria of plastic surgery on the face or the body, and use it to make a decision on the surgery method, presenting seminars, or displaying it to the patient. Among the features of the software, we can mention decrease of visiting time, and also reduction of patient's visits before the cosmetic surgery. Also usage of optic pen in changes, simulation, and note taking on top of the images; are all the new features.




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